Social Media

CEO Joe Wehinger on Getting Your Business Online

If you don’t have a presence online for your business in 2016, chances are that you may find it extremely hard to get exposure and sales in a way that will impact the growth of your business. Yet, even those people that do have a web presence online have failed to execute it properly and harness the full capabilities of the internet, social media and SEO. Because we aim to help our clients achieve just that at Sushi Rock Media, we’ve taken the advice of media CEO Joe Wehinger, who runs United Digital Associates. Without further adieu, here are Joe’s best tips for new companies.

Have A Clean Website

Your website tends to be the first impression people have of your company. Remember, they haven’t spoken to you or met you if this is their first time searching you, and any negative experience or inconvenience they have while visiting your site is reason for them to be wary of your company, wether or not that is the truth. To avoid that and successfully capture visitor attention, make sure your site is clean, easily able to be navigated and responsive says Joe Wehinger.

Do Social Right

One thing companies still don’t understand is the proper use of social media. The biggest mistake people are making is underestimate its power. As a result, I’ve seen a lot of mediocre profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms that are not maintained, ignore customer attention or fail to capture the audience in a useful way. Joe has a few great tips for social – a) have a great photo properly formatted for each platform. The profile picture and cover photo on Facebook is not the same as the one on Twitter, and the same goes for Instagram; b) keep your bio / message consistent across all platforms so as to not confuse visitors; c) utilize metrics to continuously improve engagement and impressions in order to improve your brand.