Carpet Cleaning New York: Company Profile

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This month, we take a look at Carpet Cleaning New York – a carpet and rug cleaning service that focuses on commercial and residential professional cleaning. Many people have carpets, but may not know how to maintain them over time, and as a result can decrease the lifespan of their carpets and keep them dirtier than necessary. We thought Carpet Cleaning New York would thus be a great addition to our Business of the Month Segment.

Services Offered

CCNY for short, offers a variety of services. They’re available to clean all types of carpets, from regular area rugs, carpets that cover the whole house and persian rugs, which are invaluable and require proper maintenance to keep their value over time.

On the commercial side, CCNY can help your company maintain a clean office environment for an affordable price. They provide multiple carpet cleaning methods you can choose from depending on your preference. For example, they provide dry cleaning, organic carpet cleaning and traditional cleaning methods. In short, they have something for everyone.

If the name hasn’t given it away yet, they are based out of New York and service most of the burrows. Most of their business however is concentrated in the city and in Brooklyn.

Why You Should Use Them

Aside from being affordable, CCNY offers a variety of benefits to its customers. For starters, they come out to your site free of charge for a complimentary estimate. As a first time customer, they also provide you 15% off your first clean, which can add up to a lot.

How To Get In Touch With CCNY


Phone: 212-461-1816

Address: 525 Park Ave New York, New York